What is a Club Zone?

What is a Club Zone?


A Club Zone is land where building does not have to comply to the RMA, the Building Act or local council zoning. This is nothing new - until the 1980's the Government and its departments like the Post Office, Railways and Ministry of Works did not need to get building or resource consents for anything they built on Government owned land. In some US states such as Texas there are no town planning rules. This was the same in NZ until 1953 and the Town and Country Planning Act - yet houses build before this act are equally sought after and valued than later ones - often more so! 

House Club decides solely on where a Club Zone is created. The land can be bought outright by House Club or it can award a group or private landowner a Club Zone - or a combination of both. Each Club Zone site can determine it's own rules or convenants to suit its purpose, but these will need to be approved by House Club if it is not a partner or owner.

House Club operates always for the benefit of it members to deliver houses to them at the lowest possible cost. There is no government interference in House Club in the same way as the Government does not interfere in Fonterra - despite Fonterra having special rights awarded to it by legislation.  

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