Founding 500

The Founding 500 is the group of paid up members ($3 for 3 years) who qualify House Club as a registered political party which can contest the party vote. 

There are some requirements for membership

1. Be over 18 and enrolled or eligible to vote

2. Provide a street address if not enrolled - a PO Box is not accepted by the Electoral Commission.

3. Agree to appear on a public record of House Club party members.


Because getting these five hundred members signed up is crucial to the formation of House Club, all the Founding 500 will get the following special benefits:

1. Everyone who joins the Founding 500 will have their own membership number from 1 to 500 and receive a unique card when they are issued.

2. Founding 500 members will get the first choice of the first release of houses.

3. Founding 500 members will not need a deposit and will automatically be granted a mortgage irrespective of income, credit rating etc. If you help us now - we will help you later!

4. Founding 500 members will have no restrictions on renting out or sellng their houses.



So send in your application and we will check it out for the electoral commission requirements (if you can vote you are in) and we will send you confirmation and your membership number. 

(People who don't qualify to vote can still join House Club now but will given membership numbers from 501 onwards.)









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Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

  • Jenny Jenkins
    commented 2020-02-17 15:46:57 +1300
    How do you join? I can’t find a link
  • Graeme Farr
    published this page 2020-01-19 16:08:43 +1300