Do Club Zone houses need to comply to standards like NZS3604?

Do Club Zone houses need to comply to standards like NZS3604?


No they don't as long as they are only one or two storeys.  There would be well over a million houses in NZ which come nowhere near to complying to standards like NZS3604 and you can legally buy these - often at very high prices.  Builders will probably choose to use some standards as a selling feature but making them not compulsory means you can import a house kit or building materials from overseas without restriction. This undermines the local materials supply cartels which contribute to the very high building prices here. 

Members buying in the Club Zones will accept they are paying much less for having a house which may contain building products which are not made in New Zealand or made to a 'special' NZ standard. Most imported mass production materials are made to adequate or better standards than we have here anyway. At present aluminium windows made for Australia do not comply to the NZ standard NZS4211:2008 - yet they have hurricanes in Australia. The current review of the Building Act will tighten importing rules - supported of course by the NZ Building Industry Federation who represent the local suppliers and manufacturers.

All House Club does is provide a choice to buy a house which complies to all the plannng and building regulations in New Zealand - or not.  People decide what is of value to them. At present everyone is forced to buy the house the system has decided you should have - House Club members simply opt out and say they would rather save hundreds of thousands of dollars instead.

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