What is House Club?

Feel left out of the housing market?

House Club is here to get you your own house!

House Club is a club and a political party all in one!

House Club is not looking to change any of the crazy number of rules and regulations that affect housing - it just wants it's own areas where none of them apply.

House Club creates its own "Club Zones" which opt out of the RMA, Building Act and council zoning rules and can have from 5 to 5,000+ houses.

House Club "Club Zones" will allow for flexibility and innovation for home seekers and provide areas free of the regulators who have destroyed affordability in New Zealand

House Club will typically provide houses for UNDER $300K for a 100m2 three bedroom home on a proper section within 30 minutes drive of the centre of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch and even closer in other cities and towns. 

House Club is like the AA or Fonterra but for houses rather than cars or cows and it's aim is to prioritise housing it's members and their families over other government and council policies.

House Club works on a first in, first served basis so early members get priority for houses.

House Club will contain many Sub-Clubs who want to do their own thing - House Club55 for low cost seniors housing, Tiny House Club for tiny house villages, Eco House Club and Co-House Club for eco and co-housing schemes and Private House Club for selected private developers who want to provide low cost housing to Club members.

House Club aims to get 500 members needed to contest the party vote and these FOUNDING 500 members get special benefits 

House Club is aiming for 150,000 votes, many from the 1.1 million people who didn't vote last time, to get over 5% and then hold the balance of power in the next government.

House Club is cheap to join for the first in - only $3 for 3 years - when you join the club you join the political party as it's all the same.

House Club - get in early then spread the word - remember early joiners get the first right to the first houses.


So put it simply House Club will

1. Get enough members to become a Registered Political Party 

2. Campaign on the huge benefits of building in the Club Zones

3, Get enough votes to get past the 5% threshold to get seats in the next parliament.

4. Become a coalition partner on the basis of getting the Club Zones policy adopted.